Helpful USADA TIPS by Mary Stack


For new usada athletes

1. Go to

2. Click on the tab that says athletes

3. Put in your username and password from your registration

4. Go to where it says athlete advantage tutorial

5. Make sure that you read and listen to all the information provided in this tutorial and make sure to take quizzes at the end of each section otherwise you won’t be able to get to the part where you do whereabouts.

6. After that you need to go to whereabout filings and put in the calendar the following information.

a. Locations you will be at and the times and days you will be at those


i. Home, Work, School, Training locations

If you go out of town or change your routine you will need to update usada with the change of location

By Email – [email protected]

By Text – [email protected] 

Texting directions

Save the E-mail address in your cell phone:

1. Create a new contact in your phone, call it USADA-Text Update or other memorable name

2. Instead of entering a phone number, enter the following [email protected]

3. Save Send TEXT:

1. Create a new text message

2. From your Contacts list select USADA-Text Update or other memorable name

3. Enter your update and hit send

4. You will receive a confirmation text that we received the update

5. USADA will get the update in the form of an e-mail

Note: Your name will not appear on the text, be sure to include it every time. Also, include your travel dates, the length of your trip, address and location(s) where you will be staying, and other

important scheduling information.

I hope this helps but if it doesn’t and you need more assistance please feel free to contact USADA for more assistance

Athlete Express (Primary Contact for Athletes)

Phone: 719-785-2000

Toll Free: 866-601-2632

Email [email protected]

You must update your new calendar by the dates listed below.

  • Quarter 1 – December 31
  • Quarter 2 – March 31
  • Quarter 3 – June 30
  • Quarter 4 – September 30

It is important you do this otherwise you may not be able to compete! Check out what happens if you don’t file or let them know where you are. If you want to compete at the national or international level this is what you need to do.

  • Missed Test = Whereabouts Failure
  • Filing Failure = Whereabouts Failure
  • All Whereabouts Failures will be shared and combined with the athlete's International Federation (IF), WADA, and USADA, and will be part of a combined Whereabouts failure record.
  • Any combination of three Whereabouts Failures (Filing Failures and/or Missed Tests), declared by USADA, WADA or an IF, within an 18 month period = Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

Missed Test

  • Athletes will receive a Missed Test if they are unavailable during the specified 60-minute time slot indicated on their Whereabouts Filing when attempted for testing.
  • · Athletes are accountable for the entire 60-minute time slot, even if a Doping Control
  • · Officer does not arrive at the beginning of the time slot. Athletes may be notified at any time during the time slot window.

Global Drug Reference

It is important that you check all of your medications to see if there is any need for changes or a TUE. The link is below

You can also Call with Questions about a medication Contact Athlete Express at 719-785-2000 or toll free at 866-601-2632, and select option 2.