Building a Layover for a

standard bench 

What you will need is 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood. They will be full sheets which measure 4 foot x 8 foot. The top portion which you will be laying on, when cut, is slightly larger than the bottom piece. The portion of the bench the head lies on is 10" wide by 29" long, the body of the bench is 57" long by 26" wide. So the top piece of plywood will be 86" long by 26" wide, the first 29" being 10" wide and the remaining 57" is 26" wide. The bottom piece of plywood has the same dimensions but the last 57" is only 15" wide. This is to accommodate the two 2 x 4's that the legs are attached to underneath the body of the bench.

After you cut these pieces of plywood and screw them together, you will take two lengths of 2 x 4 that measure 53" each and attach these to the underside of the top piece of plywood and these will run nearly the length of the body of the bench and butt up to the edges of the bottom piece of plywood. The legs are relatively simple, the base and top lengths are 53" long and are 2 x 4's. The legs themselves are 14 1/2" long and are 4 x 4s, each side has 3 of these supports. Remember the legs should be made to the height of the bench you will be using the overlay on. The padding is 2" foam and I used a piece that was slightly larger then the top piece of plywood, estimate would be 88" by 28", of course cut to fit the plywood with some overlapping on the sides. That is so the edges are not too sharp. Again the Naugahyde was somewhat bigger also. Estimate 96" by 36". Honestly, its been a couple years since building this and I don't remember how the foam padding and Naugahyde is sold. I do know I got both at a fabric store, I think it was sold by the foot and it was not expensive!