These are things that seem to come up immediately before or during weigh-ins and if not prepared these situations can cause a competitor's focus to be switched from what they are there for (lifting) to the things that should have been prepared for when packing to go to an event:

Equipment check or KIT check:

  1. You must have your IPC passport with you at all IPC sanctioned competitions or pay $100.00 US to compete. The athlete will be responsible to pay this fee if you don't have your IPC passport.
  2. Bring two lifting singlets that would be approved for national or/and International competition. You must know the rules and see what the difference would be.
  3. Bring two clean solid colored t-shirts for wearing under your lifting suit. The t-shirt is mandatory and clean is essential. If the shirts are solid colored and the sleeves only come to the elbow and the material is consistent with the rules there will be no question that it will be approved.
  4. For women, no stiffing, padding or underwire bras are allowed.
  5. If you wear a belt and/or wrist wraps these come to weigh-ins with you. They must comply with the standards set down in the rules.
  6. Competition shoes should be a track or sneaker type shoe unless your IPC passport states differently. If by chance your passport does state differently the footwear you wear still must comply with the rules.
  7. Lifters must present themselves in a clean and tidy manner. You as athletes must remember you are representing the USA and this is not only a competition but a showcase of what you all have accomplished through hard work and dedication.
  8. The most important suggestion we have for our lifters is to know and review the rules before leaving you home base for a competition. Make up a small separate bag for the competition you are going to and at weigh-ins bring that bag with you so you can present this at equipment check, this includes your lifting suit and passport. From weigh-ins to your three attempts concentrate on lifting and if prepared beforehand the coaches will handle everything else.