Weigh in and Kit check information

Weigh in and Kit check will begin 2 hours before competition.

Kit Check

Always present the following at the kit check table. It should never be checked while on the athlete.

  • IPC Powerlifting ID card
  • IPC Powerlifting Athlete's record book
  • Lifting Suit
  • T-shirt
  • Shoes
  • Bra
  • Bench Straps
  • Belt
  • Wrist straps

Weigh In

All lifters in the session must attend the weigh-in, which must be carried out in the presence of referees. Lifters must always be weighed in.

The weigh-in of each competitor will be carried out in a private room with only the competitor, his/her coach and the referees present.

The IPC Powerlifting ID card and IPC Powerlifting athlete’s record book must be presented at the weigh-in.

Lifters can choose to be weighed nude or in minimal underwear, no other clothing is allowed and always without any Prosthesis or Orthosis.

Where female competitors are being weighed the usual procedure can be tailored to ensure that the lifters are weighed by officials of their own gender.

Each lifter may only be weighed once. Only those lifters whose body weight is heavier or lighter than the limits of the category initially entered are allowed to return to the scales. They must return to the scales and make weight within the limit of the one and a half hours allocated for the weigh-in otherwise they will be eliminated from the competition.

Lifters trying to make weight can only be re-weighed after all other lifters in the same body weight category have been called to the scales but they can be re-weighed as often as remaining time.

During the weigh-in, the lifter or his coach must declare in confidence a starting weight and the bench rack height.