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There are 10 separately defined body weight categories for both Male and Female athletes


Up to 49.00kg up to 49.00kg

Up to 54.00 kg from 49.01 kg to 54.00 kg

Up to 59.00 kg from 54.01 kg to 59.00 kg

Up to 65.00 kg from 59.01 kg to 65.00 kg

Up to 72.00 kg from 65.01 kg to 72.00 kg

Up to 80.00 kg from 72.01 kg to 80.00 kg

Up to 88.00 kg from 80.01 kg to 88.00 kg

Up to 97.00 kg from 88.01 kg to 97.00 kg

Up to 107.00 kg from 97.01 kg to 107.00 kg

Over 107.00 kg from 107.01 kg and over


Up to 41.00 kg up to 41.00 kg

Up to 45.00 kg from 41.01 kg to 45.00 kg

Up to 50.00 kg from 45.01 kg to 50.00kg

Up to 55.00 kg from 50.01 kg to 55.00 kg

Up to 61.00 kg from 55.01 kg to 61.00 kg

Up to 67.00 kg from 61.01 kg to 67.00 kg

Up to 73.00 kg from 67.01 kg to 73.00 kg

Up to 79.00 kg from 73.01 kg to 79.00 kg

Up to 86.00 kg from 79.01 kg to 86.00 kg

Over 86.00 kg from 86.01 kg and over

Body weight additions will be made for amputees as follows:

ankle amputation add: ½kg

knee amputation add: 1 kg for up to 67kg
1½kg from 67.01kg and over

above knee amputation add: 1½kg for up to 67 kg

2 kg from 67.01 kg and over

complete hip disarticulation add: 2½ kg for up to 67kg

3kg from 67.01kg and over