The newest 2020-2021 selection 

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Toyko 2020 has been officially rescheduled for

August 24-September 5 2021

You must be a member of USAPP to compete as an Athlete please go to for membership requirements and details.

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From the Director

Kelley Humphries

I am proud to announce that Logan University has furthered its commitment to USA Para Powerlifting by officially hiring Coach Mary C. Hodge as the High Performance Manager for the sport.

Coach Hodge brings over 25 years of experience and Logan is thrilled and proud to have her as a member of its community. She officially started her new position at Logan on September 1st.

Please join me in congratulating Coach Hodge!

Para Powerlifting Apparel

Can now be found at the below link 

From the Director

Kelley Humphries

Logan University expanded its COMMITMENT to you and to USA Para Powerlifting. On March 1st, my position and title were changed and my RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU, TO THE SPORT, and to THE SPORT'S COMMUNITY significantly increased and expanded.

I am now full-time with Logan as the Executive Director of Paralympic Operations.

Over the last month, I have been working with the USA Para Powerlifting High-Performance Staff and Logan on strengthening the foundation of the sport for you and the sport's future at Logan.Thank you to Coach Mary Hodge, High-Performance Manager, Coach Butch Schovanec, Head Coach and all of the High-Performance staff and coaches for your help, advice, and guidance during this transition. The growth that has happened would NOT have occurred without you and growth WILL ONLY continue to occur with you!I will be sending out more information to you all via email, the Facebook page, and the new online venue Logan is creating specifically for you and for the sport. Please be on the lookout. We have a lot of great things coming your way!I am VERY excited as this position will help to facilitate more RESOURCES, OPPORTUNITIES, GROWTH, AND ACCESS. within the USA Para Powerlifting community.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am FULLY accessible and want to not only be a sound resource but also a strong advocate. The community and sport are growing fast. It really is an exciting time!Thank you, everyone. Its an HONOR to be a part of this sport and to be trusted in this new leadership role.-Kelley

Safe Sport

A reminder about updating your SafeSport certifications:

If you have not completed your recertification:

  • Please know that the last date to do so is March 31, 2019.
  • Without completion of this re-certification you will not be able to participate in any of USAPP’s domestic or international events.

Please know that this is a directive from USOC/US Paralympics.

  • The sport values your support and your participation and wants to insure that it is making it easy for you to continue your relationship with and participation in USAPP events

Recertification is every 2 years

  • If you are still covered in this window please send a copy of your certification so that our database can be updated

For your convenience, the link is below

  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to answer them.
  • I have also attached the written SafeSport policy from the USOC/US Paralympics for your review.

Onboarding Link: